DC power systems for Satellite launcher Battery simulators



JEMA SA supplies a flexible test bench system that simulates the behavior of batteries (i.e Li-Ion, thermal) during the development, production and testing on a launch pad of thrust vector actuators for satellite launchers.


During lift-off and throughout its flight into space, the stability of the trajectory of a satellite launcher is controlled by electric actuators, called Thrust Vector Control Actuators (TVCA).

In flight, the TVCAs are supplied with DC power provided by batteries  (Li-Ion, thermal cellsto guide the rocket along its trajectory.

The DC power systems supplied by JEMA SA are used instead of those batteries for all operations prior to firing the rocket and through the entire life cycle of the satellite launcher.

So the TVCAs are developped, tested and validated with the JEMA SA's DC High Power Bays during the development and prototyping phase, during and after the production, during tests on the launch pad until the last second before firing the engine, each time at a different location.


The High Power Bay complies with highly demanding requirements to cope with the various usage modes in the development process, in the production process and on the launch pad:

  • Accuracy of the settings and of the measurements,

  • High availability,

  • Extended test case scenarii for development,

  • Local and remote emergency stop,

  • Simulate the intrinsic behavior of a battery:

    • variable internal resistance

    • sources high power peaks

    • absorbs high power peaks

  • Robust design to withstand transport and launch vibrations

  • Fully locally or remotely controllable:

    • with local or remote user friendly Human Machine Interface

    • with Modbus standard protocol

    • with TCP-IP specific protocol (option)

    • with digital remote control and monitoring (option)

    • with analog remote control and monitoring (option)

  • Wheel mounting (option)

  • Lug lifted (option)

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