Methods at your service

JEMA SA thoroughly masters all its processes:

- from Sales, Design, Procurement of the standard components, Fabrication of the custom components, Project Management and Assembly to the Final Delivery of the Products.

- from Installation on site, Commissioning, Performance validation to the Final Acceptance of the Turnkey Systems.

We use State Of the Art software and tools to support those processes:

  • 3D CAD : SolidWorks for mechanical design and integration and Altium Designer for Electronics.
  • Quality Assurance: streamlined processes and a manager for each process within ISO9001.
  • Quality Control : severe and exhaustive tests conditions executed and reported according to pre-defined plans for each product. For recurring products, the check lists are automated for perfect repeatability.
  • Document Management System : the project and product documents undergo a 2 stages approval process by the experts in the Organization. This process is managed and automated by an Electronic Vault for all documents: Genius Project.
  • Project Management : the custom projects and prototypes are steered by a dedicated expert in Project Management with a state of the art collaboration tool: Genius Project.
  • Production planning : the work load and timely assembly of the products are aligned using Genius Project.
  • Supply Chain : State of the Art MRP and Kanban demand-driven systems ensure timely delivery with optimal stock.

Facilities at your service

JEMA SA hosts State Of the Art facilities to make tailor-made PCBA, assemble complex products and systems, test them to the most stringent requirements and pack them for safe and secured dispatching:

  • Computing stations for 3D visualization of the prototypes to be assembled and cleared-up.
  • ESD controlled ‘Grey’/dust-free room for electronics integration and testing.
  • Dedicated rooms with temperature-stabilized air and temperature-stabilized deionized cooling water for high power tests and calibration.
  • High power and high voltage power test benches.
  • High precision current transducers.
  • Automated routine validation according to IEC 61010, 60950, 61204, 61439, 62477: isolation, continuity, safety, etc.
  • Coiling machine, dip tank, oven for tailor made transformers and inductors manufacturing.
  • Folding press, shearing machine, stamping press, spray booth for systems manufacturing and finishing.
  • 5 Tons Overhead Crane.
  • State of the Art handling tools.
  • Matrix Warehouse.