Our team

Our AWESOME people !

Our Team

Our team

Leadership team

Our Team
  • Nicolas Bronchart


  • Jean Crahay


  • Claude Dautrebande

    Industrial Buyer and Quality Controller

  • Daniel Peeters


  • Vincent Berghmans


  • Sylvia Dekeyser


  • Daniel Bogaerts

    R&D Consultant

Our team

Engineers, R&D Experts, Tests Specialists and Administrative Support

Our Team
  • Rodrigo

    Software Engineer

  • Cyril

    Process Engineer

  • Raphaël

    Process Manager

  • François

    High Power Systems, Cathodic Protection, Battery Chargers

  • Enrico

    Embedded Electronics & Software

  • Alain

    Tests & Field

  • Bruno

    High Power DC/DC Systems, Tailor Made Products

  • Gérald

    High Power Systems / Electromagnetism, Klystron Modulators

  • Walter

    Plasma Power Supplies

  • Sarah


Our team

Supply Chain & Assembly Experts

Our Team
  • Supply chain and Assembly experts in Power Electronics

    JEMA SA has around fifteen experts to cover the whole range of our services from Procurement, Manufacturing, Quality Control, Packaging, Logistics to the final delivery, installation on site, Commissioning, Performances Tests.