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"Accuracy and reliability"


"Highest quality in record time"


"Flexibly engineered"


"Powerful and accurate"


"Efficient and reliable"


"Reliable and durable"


"Cutting edge technology"


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DC power supply specialist

JEMA SA is the leading Belgian provider of DC Power Supplies. Our engineers design, build and install worldwide high power, high precision, high stability DC controlled power supplies to meet specific, highly complex and demanding requirements.

Our products are mostly technology breakthroughs at the cutting edge of State of the Art AC/DC and DC/DC controlled power systems, paving pathways for the future in cutting edge medical, aerospace, arc smelting, reverse metallurgy, plasma coating and Energy Transition applications.

Our embedded intelligent control and communication systems allow real-time remote intervention and maintenance for maximal reliability and availability.

Technology Innovation in Power Electronics is in our DNA.

We guarantee your business will have the best DC Power Supply solutions!

How to buy our products ?

Interested in getting a personalized offer ? We will be happy to reply to your Material Requisition, Specifications or Request For Quote as quickly as possible.

Methods at your service

JEMA SA masters all its processes, from Sales to the Final Delivery of the products and from Installation on Site to Final Acceptance of the Turnkey Systems. And we use State Of the Art software and tools to support those processes:

  • 3D CAD for Electronics, mechanical design and integration
  • Quality Assurance & Quality Control: ISO9001 and automated check-list
  • Project and Document Management: Electronic Vault integrated with collaboration platform
  • Supply Chain and Production planning: MRP and Kanban integrated with the Electronic Vault

Facilities at your service

JEMA SA hosts State Of the Art facilities to make tailor-made PCBA, assemble complex products and systems, test them to the most stringent requirements and pack them for safe and secured dispatching:

  • 3D model visualization and ESD controlled ‘Grey’/dust-free room
  • High power, voltage and precision temperature-stabilized air and water-cooled test labs
  • Standard and automated routine IEC validations
  • Machines and handling equipment for tailor-made transformers, inductors and systems