High Voltage Switches

Wide range of possibilities

Depending on your application, Jema designs and manufactures Pulsed High Voltage systems with the following characteristics:

  • Pulsed Power : 1kW to 200MW, average power from W to kW
  • Voltage : from few kV to more than 40kV, monopolar or bipolar
  • Current : from few A to multiple kA
  • Time range : pulses from 100ns to DC with typically 1ns switching stability
  • Frequency : from few Hz to 20kHz
  • Technology : matrix of standard semi-conductors : Diode (Si or SiC), MosFET, IGBT, Thyristor. Serial or parallel HV switching, line discharge (PFN, PFL, Blumlein)

Some applications require specific performances that vary from one project to another. Our HV switches are customized to fit exactly to customer needs regardless of the type of loads: resistive, inductive, capacitive, nonlinear,…

Fault Tolerance

Our HV switches are based on modular design to adapt current and voltage performances. For most of the applications the system continues to operate even if some semi-conductors in the matrix are out of order.

System Control

The system supervises internal faults and functional parameters (over voltage, current, frequency…). Interfaces are customized to fit at best to the Master Control of the customer.
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