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Jema Belgium - Building
JEMA offers innovative, tailor-made and standard high-performance power systems and radio-frequency amplifiers for many customers around the world.
Since its creation in 1937, JEMA Belgium has acquired a unique knowledge of high-performance DC power supplies. In 2021, JEMA France was created to extend our activities in particle accelerators and complete our product range. Both companies design, develop, manufacture and provide systems to customers requiring extreme precision or using specific technologies.

To achieve this, we offer project driven solutions but also many customizations to best meet your needs.


Key Figures

Year of creation
Employees in R&D
Presence in five continents


Many years of experience
In AC, DC, PSU and RF amplifiers, major players have given us their trust.
We collaborate with universities, partnership with other companies and research & development of new technologies.
We are active in multiple markets and have a worldwide presence.
We provide personalized solutions compliant with our customers’ norms, markets and needs.

Go Green

Go Green
Green is not just a buzzword at JEMA:

  • Committed to energy transition & storage, recycling
  • Production of green energy in our facility
  • Supporting environmental initiatives
  • Compliance with environmental laws
  • Preference for « green suppliers »

CE+T Group

JEMA is part of the CE+T Group. We therefore combine the advantages of an SME while benefiting from the advantages of a Group: synergy, diversification, partnership and a stronger position worldwide.

Discover the companies in the Group:

Alpha Innovations Logo
Alpha Innovations joined the CE+T family in 2019. This company has developed its expertise in the field of customized power solutions. Its core competencies are related to their own monitoring solution and third-party converters integration to create a single and easy-to-use solution.
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CE+T Power Logo
CE+T Power provides innovative solutions to secure power supplies for critical applications. The company is located in Belgium (HQ), United States, Luxembourg, China and India and has several offices worldwide. CE+T Power acquired G.A.I. (installation and maintenance of UPS in Belgium) and Gertek (integrator of power solutions in Germany).
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CE+T Energrid Logo
CE+T Energrid focuses on energy management solutions. The company provides residential, commercial & industrial customers with solutions to reduce their energy bills and provide power backup. CE+T Energrid offers complete solutions or building blocks for integration into third-party solutions.
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CET America
CE+T America is dedicated to the North American market and more particularly to energy management solutions to prepare for the energy revolution. The company is also promoting our innovative data center solution, Power Fusion.
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