Power Supplies

Wide range of possibilies

Depending on your market and technology, your power needs can vary. At Jema, we have understood this well, as of today, we have delivered a wide range of solutions:

  • Power : 1kW to 3MW+
  • Current: 0,1A to 30kA+
  • Voltage: 0,5V to 100kV+
  • Long-term stability: down to 10-5 
  • Efficiency: over 96% full charge

… And we are constantly striving to extend these performances: higher power, higher stability and higher efficiency.

Power supplies for all quadrants

We provide power systems that can operate in four quadrants. Indeed, we offer unidirectional and bidirectional converters that can output both positive and negative voltage. We also deliver bipolar power supplies that can sink or source current.

Four Quadrants


Some applications require to deliver high power instantly for a short period of time, at a chosen frequency. We have experience and knowledge in this type of power supplies, especially for particle accelerators.



You need a stabilized current for a determined period of time? With our ramped power supplies, the current will progressively increase until it reached the required level. We also make sure the highest stability is ensured during the whole process.



Typically used in proton therapy, our scanning power supplies work according to any chosen wave form.



Ultra-high stability, protection and reliability are key in the superconducting applications, either in medical applications or research institutes. Our power supplies are providing power to the superconducting magnets. They also provide quench detection to make sure, when something goes wrong, that the energy will not dissipate within the system.

Supraconductive Magnets

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