Specific industrial process requires tailor made power supply. According to customer specifications and various constraints, we design and manufacture dedicated power supplies from prototype towards industrialized systems.

Dedicated and adapted to industrial environment

In the industrial world, lots of processes are linked to specific power requirements that cannot be found ‘on-the-shelf’. In addition to power, voltage and current definition, the industrial environment involves other constraints such as:

  • Ultra-fast regulation for erratic loads
  • Security for high voltage
  • Heat management
  • Insulation class

At Jema, it is in our DNA to translate customers’ expectations into our tailored power supplies.

Trustworthy power supplies

Manufacturing processes must never be interrupted. In this context, the power supply must be as reliable as your equipment. Once installed, nobody should think about the power supplies again. That’s why we make sure our solutions are highly reliable with minimum and easy maintenance.

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Years of Experience

Since decades, we answer to customers’ specific demands. This gives us the opportunity to transfer successful solutions and regulation systems between different markets and applications. From this extensive know-how of our design office, new and original topologies and regulations can be applied to industrial processes.


Plasma Torch

Several industrial processes are using the extreme heat produced by plasma generators (between 5.000 and 10.000°C). It requires extremely reliable and precise power supply that we can design for you!

Plasma Torch ScanArc

Industrial test benches

Batteries simulators are often used to test equipment before using them into the field, in the space, on a train or any other specific environment. Some of the tests require high DC power supply that we can deliver.

Industrial Test Bench

Crystal growth for semiconductor raw material

Extremely high purity material are key processes for the industry of semiconductor, requiring dedicated power supplies.


Medical waste treatment processes

One way to significantly reduce the volume of medical waste at once is to crushed the waste and heat it in microwaves. This process requires specific high voltage power supply which we can provide.

Hydrogen conversion applications for energy management

Convert power to hydrogen or hydrogen to power for all kind of mobile or static application with the static power supplies. Our dedicated solutions can be used to power electrolyzers or pyrolysis processes.

Hydrogen Plant

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