Radio Frequency Amplifiers

Wide range of possibilities

Jema designs and manufactures Pulse and Continuous Wave (CW) Solid State RF Power Amplifiers with the following characteristics:

  • Frequency: 30MHz to 3GHz
  • Power: 1kW to 500kW
  • Technology: LDMOS or GaN transistors
  • Cooling: Water or Air Cooled

Some applications require specific performances that are different from one project to another. Our RF Amplifiers are customized to fit exactly to customer needs.

Zero Fault Tolerance

Our RF amplifiers are based on modular design with redundancy for both radio frequency and AC/DC converters. This means that the system continues to operate even if some radio frequency transistors or DC power blocks are out of order.

Easy Maintenance

The modularity of our solutions makes the maintenance quick and easy: it takes less than 5 minutes to change a module. This is possible thanks to the quick fittings for water cooling and fast connection for DC power and control.

System Control

The system can be controlled either in local thanks to the HMI Touch Panel or in remote using the standard MODBUS/TCP interface. The Master control unit is based on a PLC to ensure reliability, flexibility for upgrade during product lifetime and availability of the hardware over years.
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