Particle accelerators

Our tailor-made solutions are used in all types of particle accelerators installations, for a wide range of applications.
CERN - Linac

Acceleration of particles

At the different stages of the particle acceleration, from the (ion) source to the extraction (kickers or other magnets) going through main coil, dipoles and quadrupoles or acceleration cavities, multiple power systems are required.

At JEMA, we deliver a wide range of High Voltage Power Supplies for the ion source, main coil, oscillators, all the power chain (anodes, drivers,…). Our solution permanently controls the output voltage and current to make sure the variation from the set-point is very small (less than 0.01%). Therefore, the high stability is guaranteed.

We also deliver High Power Solid State RF Amplifiers to feed the different resonant cavities along the accelerator.

Beam lines

After the particle is extracted, beam lines transport particle beams.

Beam Line Prothon Therapy Center

The use of quadrupoles, dipoles and steerers or other types of magnets ensures that the established magnetic flux drives the particles accurately. Therefore, the DC output current must remain at exactly the set-point value during all the time, which is achieved thanks to the high precision and control.

Our power supplies work as current source in constant current mode for hours and days. Therefore, the reliability of our solutions is key as interruption of service is not an option.


Particle accelerators have evolved from the early physics research machines into systems for use in a wide range of specialized applications.

Big Science

The most popular application is certainly in research for physics. We have provided customized power systems solutions to several research centers worldwide.
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Health & Medical

Particle accelerators impact most of our lives through their applications in treating cancer with proton therapy. Our customized power systems are also used for radio-isotopes production and medical sterilization.

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Even if this field of application is more recent, particle accelerators powered by our solutions are used in cargo screening, mail decontamination and food treatment.

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