Plasma Torch

Plasma can be generated in several ways for various processes and applications. Our tailor-made solutions intervene in the powering of plasma torch.
Plasma Torch

High heat process

A thermal plasma torch is generally powered by a DC power supply from few tens of kW up to several MW. A gas is pushed through the torch and transits inside it, where an electric arc is generated by a DC power supply to reach a temperature range of 5.000 to 10.000°C at the exhaust. This generated heat enables to separate the atom nucleus from their electrons. Therefore, new molecules can be produced for different purposes.

Initiation and control of the electric arc

A careful attention needs to be given to the ignition process of the torch: it requires special sequences, dedicated hardware and software to monitor the ignition to the required power set point. When this point is reached, the torch needs a continuous and highly stable power supplies to maintain a constant heat input. As the spark inside the torch has erratic behavior, an ultra-fast dedicated regulation to keep the spark alive is required.

Adaptability & Reliability

Plasma torches can be used in different processes, such as plasma heating or plasma coating, with different DC power requirements. From one-of-a-kind-system to series industrialization, our experienced team design, develop and manufacture tailor-made DC power systems with power, voltage, current adapted to the process. Moreover, as most of processes are working 24/7/365, power supply reliability is key for industrial applications.


Metal recycling

The process aims at recovering precious metal scraps (mix of different metals) and transform them into pure metal that can be reused in the industry. To do so, the metal scraps are inserted into a furnace using fuming process until they reach a liquid state.

Metal Recylcing

Zinc nano powder

The same process of fuming is used to change raw material into nano powder, shattered heat generated by the plasma torch and then fixed by strong cooling. This product is widely used for solar protection cream.

Zinc Nano Powder Process

Green fertilizer and circular economy

Treating farm manure in a reactor with cracked air by means of a plasma leads to produce fertilizers. It gives the opportunity to recycle manure with green electricity and produce fertilizer locally. Consequently, this reduces or avoids purchasing chemical fertilizers and recycling manure to be treated if not recycled.

N2 Applied - Fertilizer

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