For railways, air transport and maritime, we design tailor-made power systems to make sure all means of transport remain operational 24/7.

Specific requirements

Big trucks, buses, trains, ships and even space rockets need high quality, high power electrical systems or power conversion systems to power their motors and other electronic components. To make all these things work, reliable and accurate high-power testing, simulation and charging systems are needed. That’s the road to operational means of transport!

Need a tailor-made power systems?

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Ready for tomorrow

The world is changing, and therefore new markets and technologies emerge. It pushes us to anticipate the future needs such as DC power supply for the production of hydrogen by electrolysis or the explosion of electrical vehicles that will need to be charged. Innovation is in our DNA and we are ready to contribute to a greener world.

Years of experience

You can count on our experience in this sector and other markets to offer you the power systems that will match your specific needs. We have a dedicated team ready to use all their knowledge and know-how to design the most suitable solution, only for you.


On ground aerospace applications

Pre-flight testing of the electric steering actuators for spacecraft is provided by JEMA’s power supply. The ultimate steering link of the rocket before lift-off. The power supply brings very precise voltage and current regulation to steer the rocket nozzle.

Launch of a space rocket

Heavy vehicle charging systems

We provide performant, free of maintenance power supplies for battery charging systems for utility vehicles like electric trains, trolleys or buses. Our customized systems will match your specific needs and can be used indoor or outdoor.

Power converters for train test bench

To approve train power converters at the end of the production line or after overhauling operation, these converters need to pass a severe test bench. One of these tests consists of supplying the converters with a high catenary voltage with wide tolerances supplied by a customized Jema power system.

Hydrogen conversion applications for mobility

Convert power to hydrogen or hydrogen to power for all kind of mobile or static application with the static power supplies. Our dedicated solutions can be used to power electrolyzers or e-fuel production processes.

Hydrogen Plant

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