Power supplies for electron accelerators and for electron beam steering magnets


JEMA SA is involved in vital processes within industry, such as the sterilisation of medical devices.



Indeed, the systems powered by JEMA SA are used in industrial applications such as:

  • polymer crosslinking,
  • rubber vulcanization,
  • semi-conductor doping,
  • sterilization of medical devices,
  • X-ray food sanitization,
  • mail decontamination,
  • silicium slicing,
  • sterile insect technique,
  • wood chip pre-treatments.

In these applications, JEMA SA supplies:

  • High Voltage and High Power DC supplies for powering the particle accelerator,
  • High Power controlled systems for powering the magnets of beam line bending,
  • High Power controlled systems for the controlled screening of the scanned zone.