Cathodic protection

Cathodic protection is the continuous electron source that protects any metallic infrastructure construction from deep corrosion over time.

JEMA SA delivers the power systems that continuously provide electrons in a controlled manner.

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We also interface the DC power supply with telematics transmission and control devices for automated testing, monitoring and maintenance of large infrastructures.

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Battery chargers

JEMA SA serves a wide battery charger and DC UPS market with the single and 3 phase battery charger families.

The applications range from the DC auxiliary circuit in power plants, street distribution cabinets, safety circuits in hospitals, or in institutions' buildings, to chargers for cars or electric trains.

As battery chargers, they monitor the voltage rise while the charge increases while limiting the current, turn off the charger when the battery is full and keep the battery charged until disconnected.

As DC UPS, they have the main function of safeguarding a continuous supply of DC power of required characteristics by charging one or several back-up battery(ies) while distributing DC power to the users and instantly and automatically switching to the batteries upon failure of the INPUT AC power. When the INPUT AC power is back on, the users automatically get back the DC power from the grid and the battery energy is restored.

In standard operations, the minimalist human-machine interface responds to the need operators have for a simple and functional interface. All the rest is automated or settable inside the cabinet.

Those machines are particularly robust for heavy duty, reliable and long term use.

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