Magnet power supply solutions

JEMA SA delivers magnet power supplies for entire ion beam lines.

With a single INPUT of 3 x 400 VAC, we serve the entire ion beam line (electrons or protons) with a versatile combination of OUTPUTS up to 800A-400V-200kW with stabilities up to 10 ppm.

Each of our Controllers can operate up to 32 of these combined DC Outputs and allows remote control and maintenance.

Our modular system for magnet power supply is composed of plug & play Power Modules and Controller(s) that fit in standard 19’’ rack(s).

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Served applications:

  • Magnets for Ion beam lines - electrons or protons

  • Solenoids power supply

  • Multiple DC power supply


  • MODULAR Power Supply System

    INPUT 3 x 400 V – versatile OUTPUT up to 800A-400V-200kW – standard current stability 1000 ppm, 10 ppm in option

    Our MODULAR system for magnet power supplies is composed of Power Modules and Controller(s) that fit in standard 19’’rack(s).

    This product is namely used for proton therapy.