Tailor made products


JEMA SA delivers specific tailor-made products, such as battery simulators or High Power Bays for the aerospace sector.

These tailor-made products mostly consist of DC power supplies with a clear and user-friendly interface, showing the status of the machine with large LEDs, an embedded digital controller, both digital and analog local and remote control, with standard or client proprietary protocol, local or remote protections (loops).

The customizable power IN and OUT connections are located at an easily accessible bottom corner of the machine, out of reach/unbreakable during transportation and handling.

Some fuses and protections are accessible from a lockable door and all internal elements are accessible by removing the side panels.

The High Power Bays are usually mounted on wheels and transportable to any location. They are manufactured with a very robust design and are desiged to last more than a quarter of a century.

In addition to the High Power Bays and the battery simulator, JEMA SA can also provide TVCA power supplies and Test bench DC power supplies.


  • High Power Bay

    INPUT 3 x 400 VOUTPUT 0-300 A, 0-400 V, max power 25 kW continuous / 80 kW peak, max reverse power 3,2 kW continuous / 80 kW peak – stability 0,05%, many options available.

    The High Power Bay complies with highly demanding requirements to cope with various usage modes:

    • Accuracy of the settings and of the measurements,

    • Extended test case scenarii for development,

    • Local and remote emergency stop,

    • Variable internal resistance,

    • Sources high power peaks,

    • Sinks high power peaks,

    • Robust design to withstand transport and launch vibrations

    • Fully local or remote controllable:

      • with local or remote user friendly Human Machine Interface

      • with Modbus standard protocol

      • with TCP-IP specific protocol (option)

      • with digital remote control and monitoring (option)

      • with analog remote control and monitoring (option)

    • Wheel mounting (option)

    • Lug lifted (option)