Power systems for Cancer Treatment with Proton Therapy


Proton Therapy uses a unique property of Protons, known as the Bragg peak, to fight against cancer.

When travelling through matter, a high release of energy happens immediately before every proton stops

Proton beams release the majority of their energy within a small range inside the tumor, having a much lower entrance dose and no exit dose.

This specific property allows the development of a whole technique for scanning a tumorous zone with the 'Bragg peaks' of many protons to progressively destroy the cancerous cells.

This is Proton Therapy.

Proton therapy is considered the most advanced form of radiation treatment available in the fight against cancer thanks to the uniform dose deposition and the reduction of the doses to the tissue adjacent to the tumor.

Protons deposit the majority of their energy within a controlled zone while limiting the impact on the healthy tissue that surrounds the tumor, meaning larger doses can be deposited in the tumor without increasing the risk of secondary effects or long-term complications. This has the potential to improve the treatment results and the patient's quality of life.

The Protons are generated and accelerated in a cyclotron (1).

They exit the cyclotron at very high speed and are channeled by the use of an array of powerful electro-magnets (2), called the beam line.

This is where the know-how of JEMA SA comes into play as the JEMA SA power supplies intervene to power the cyclotrons and at each main stage of the Proton Therapy Beam Line:

  • Proton generation and acceleration in a cyclotron (1). The JEMA power supplies are used to provide the required high frequency high voltage to extract the protons and to accelerate them into the cyclotron.

  • Proton beam bending and focusing (2). The high energy protons can only be steered by an electromagnetic field that is generated with magnets. JEMA SA provides the DC power supplies that generate the required highly accurate electromagnetic field in these powerful magnets.

  • Pencil beam scanning (4). JEMA SA provides the controlled DC power supplies that feed the magnets which steer the proton beam and precisely targets the cancerous zone in the patient.


Each Proton Therapy system requires dozens of high precision and stability power supplies and controllers.

They are all embedded into compact modules that fit into 3 to 4 compact 19” rack-cabinet systems for a total installed power of up to 480 kW.

This modular approach enables robust, efficient plug & play operation and maintenance.

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