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05 March 2021

Contract awarded for battery chargers power supply


We are proud to announce that JEMA has won the contract for the realization, delivery and commissioning of power supply systems for 4 independent battery chargers of CFL.

Customer requirements

In our customer’s train, large batteries are embedded. When they need to be charged and require maintenance, the train goes in the maintenance hall and batteries are taken out of the train.



We are designing and manufacturing power supply for 4 independent battery chargers of 10kW including recording of the charge and discharge curves. The discharge curve allows to know the state of health of the batteries. In addition, when discharging one battery, the available energy can be recycled by the power supply to charge another battery: customer energy efficiency is then improved! When ready the systems will be delivered to the customer and installed by CE+T installation team.

Indeed, as member of the CE+T Group, we can count on the synergy between the companies to achieve a project together and share our skills!

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