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16 July 2021

Energy storage installation: first step completed

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We are more than convinced by energy storage solutions at Jema. Therefore, it made sense to install ours in our plant in Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium). The first step is now completed: more than 230 solar panels are installed on our roof.


Commerce & Industries using energy storage systems can reduce their electricity bill, secure the power supply of critical equipment and optimize the renewable energy production and use. It also has an impact on the grid. Indeed, as it becomes increasingly difficult to stabilize the grid and the number of power outages in the future will only increase, the energy storage solutions will help by sustaining the grid.

For all these reasons, we do believe in energy storage solutions and we decided to equip our Belgian site with our own storage installation. As member of the CE+T Group, we can count on two sister companies specialized in this field: CE+T America (dedicated to the North American market) and CE+T Energrid (for customers in the rest of the world).


First step (completed)

We first installed more than 230 solar panels of 75 kWp on the roof of our plant in Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium). We should be able to to produce 68 MWh of energy each year.

Second step (in progress)

The next step consists in the installation of Hercules, modular power converters from CE+T Energrid, as well as 40 kW batteries. By combining all these components with an Energy Management System (EMS), we will benefit from a complete Energy Storage installation.


Jema is now even more eco-responsible. Since the installation of the PV panels 6 months ago, more than 24 MWh have been produced. This corresponds to 446 trees planted and 15 000 kg of CO2 reduction!

Jema - PV Installation 6months

Once the complete energy storage installation is operational, we will be able to increase our self-consumption (by consuming our green energy) and reduce our peaks. We will share more details about this installation in the coming months, stay tuned!

In the meantime, do not hesitate to contact us for more details and to learn more about our solutions dedicated to energy management.

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