Internship @ JEMA?

JEMA SA, company active in the design and production of high performance equipment in the field of power converters (AC-DC)

We are looking for a trainee in computer science to perform an internship of a few weeks.






Purpose of the internship:

Carry out a planning software from the listed manufacturing orders in the MRP system of the company.

To be able to generate views from the SQL database of:

The actual planning

The production (stock, In/Out of materials, operating ranges, etc.).

The software program must allow assigning workloads to operators based on the different active manufacturing orders.

The goal would also be, to be able to generate views that reflect the state of progress of a cabinet, for example, according to the estimated time in the operating range.


The stage would therefore have two different aspects:

- Soft skills: Quickly understand the business and ask the relevant questions, leading to a correct definition of expected functionalities

- Hard skills: Implementation of the planning software & tests.

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