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25 January 2020

JEMA starts a new adventure and joins CE+T Group

Company Life

JEMA joined the CE+T Family in January 2020 with the management of CE+T having acquired the majority of JEMA’s shares.

Who is CE+T Family?

The CE+T Family includes companies active in the power backup, energy management and power supplies: CE+T Power, Alpha Innovations, CE+T Energrid and CE+T Energy Solutions and JEMA. CE+T Group aims at developing the Energy Transition market and this is why we created two other entities to support this growth: CE+T Energrid (Belgium) and CE+T Energy Solutions (USA). Moreover, flexibility is one of our strengths. In this perspective,Alpha Innovations (Belgium) joined the Group in 2019 as well as JEMA in 2020 to improve our ability to provide customized solutions. We also benefit from an extensive knowledge in the monitoring field from Alpha Innovations.

Why this joint collaboration?

JEMA and CE+T have been working together for many years as JEMA uses CE+T Power inverters in its solutions. In addition, both companies work in similar or complementary markets.

The main goal of this acquisition is to go even further in the development of innovative power solutions, including monitoring and cabinet integration. JEMA is renowned for its expertise in DC power equipment requiring extreme precision. The goal is to share knowledge and experiences to improve the solutions we offer to our customers. Moreover, as the Group has a worldwide presence, JEMA will benefit from a wider network of certified partners to work in an even more efficient way all over the world.

What’s in it for you?

As a customer of JEMA, you will benefit from more optimal solutions in the short or middle term. By working closely together and sharing our skills, the next versions of our solutions will certainly exceed your expectations. Be ready for that! For the rest, everything will remain the same. Your direct contact will not change, you will have at the least the same quality of service, response time, flexibility and professionalism as you usually do.

As a supplier, no changes are planned except that there may be higher common demand going forward.


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