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17 December 2021

Meet Claude Troesch, Sales Manager for JEMA France

Company Life

Claude Troesch has a lot of experience in sales and project management in the energy and technical fields. He is now the Sales Manager of Jema France. Who is he? Let’s discover it!

What do you like about JEMA?

I like the human scale of the company as it enables to create a real team spirit. The highly motivated, committed, and competent staff members are a strength for Jema. Moreover, the cutting-edge technology side of our solutions and applications is exciting!

Jema France - Meet Claude Troesch

What I like about my job is…

… being part of the reconstruction of the company now that we are Jema France. This is a situation I have already experienced as I had my own company in the past. It really motivates me!

Your challenge for 2022 and after is…

… to develop in a wise and reasoned way the activities of Jema France to give a real future perspective for the company.

What are your hobbies?

Family has a central place in my life: I have 5 kids and enjoy spending time with them hiking in the nature. I also practice sports to stay in shape.

Which music are you listening to?

I like music a lot, in fact my children play music. I often listen to jazz music and I really appreciate Morna music (even if I don’t understand the lyrics!) but I’m open to other styles of music as well.

When you read a book, which kind do you like?

Most of my readings are around the theme of human psychology and development. I find it really interesting to learn and understand what’s happening inside our body and soul.

What is your favorite quote?

The phrase that allows me to continually refocus in this business oriented and highly technical activity, is: “A company is all about people!”

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