Technology Innovation in High Power Electronics

Since 1937, JEMA SA has led the way in the development of high power electronics systems. Founded in Brussels (Belgium), the JEMA SA company first specialized in the production of coil-based products such as transformers and resistors. JEMA SA then very quickly turned to specific coil-based products fully adapted for the particular needs of its clients.

With time and the evolution of electrical components, JEMA SA evolved towards the production of electric cables with complex topologies based on its coil-based products. From then on, production has been directed towards rectifiers, inverters and even battery chargers. Finally, thanks to its growing mastery of electromagnetism and associated technology, JEMA SA has specialized in power electronics intended principally for direct current applications.

The end of the 70s marked an important turning point in the company's history when JEMA SA studied, developed and supplied the various power supplies required by the particle accelerator in the Centre de Recherche du Cyclotron at the Université Catholique de Louvain-la-Neuve (CRC-UCL). From that moment on, JEMA SA has definitively specialized in the development of high performance power supplies.

In 1990, JEMA SA relocated to the Louvain-la-Neuve science park. This move allowed it to be close to centers of excellence such as the faculty of applied sciences and the CRC and thus to breathe new life into the development of its high performance products. It also allowed JEMA SA to move closer to one of its principal clients, a global leader in the development of particle accelerators and proton therapy systems.

In 2008, the Belgian private equity company JEMA SA declared its desire to reposition itself internationally as a major player in the field of high performance DC power supplies. To this end, its team of experienced engineers has been given a boost with new resources which contribute daily to the improvement of its systems, the development of new products and the expansion of JEMA SA's range of services.

In 2017, to sustain its continuous strong growth, JEMA SA moved into its privately owned brand new building located near to the old one.

In 2020, JEMA SA joined the CE+T Group. The CE+T Group includes companies active in the power backup, energy management and power supplies. The main goal of this acquisition is to go even further in the development of innovative power solutions, including monitoring and cabinet integration. As the Group has a worldwide presence, JEMA SA will benefit from a wider network of certified partners to work in an even more efficient way all over the world.

Power supplies produced under the name JEMA SA or JEMA ELEC are installed in numerous research centers, medical institutions and leading industrial companies around the world.

Our products are technology breakthroughs at the edge of the State of the Arts in AC/DC/DC controlled power systems, paving paths for the future in cutting edge medical, aerospace, arc smelting, reverse metallurgy for circular economy, plasma coating and Energy Transition applications.

Nowadays, the JEMA SA teams are involved in various R&D projects to create the smart energy transformers of the future.

JEMA SA provides you with “turnkey” systems in high power electronics. Thanks to our capacities in designing, adapting and developing complete systems, our power solutions remain the key to your success.