The HEATING PLASMA TORCH Power Supply System transforms a 3 x 15.600V INPUT into a controlled 0 to 1700 Adc and 0 to 2500 Vdc characteristics (up to 3 MW). The set point in both voltage and current are given by the plant control system and the PLASMA TORCH Power Supply System regulates its inner choppers to achieve those set points.

In addition, upon the start order from the plant control, the HEATING PLASMA TORCH Power Supply System manages the entire arc initiation, propagation and fix to nominal and stable condition as given by the plant control.

In nominal conditions the HEATING PLASMA TORCH Power Supply System achieves a global efficiency of 96,6 %.

This product is used in plasma technologies.

The HEATING PLASMA TORCH Power Supply System is composed of (from right to left):

  • 1 DC power supply cabinet,
  • 1 starter /earth switch cabinet,
  • 1 cooling / heat exchanger cabinet,
  • 1 contactor cabinet,
  • 2 transformers (not shown on the above picture, but shown and described below).

The main power of each DC power supply is delivered via two 2MVA medium voltage transformers fed by 3x 15600V 50Hz at primary side.

Each transformer provide two secondaries of 3x 525V 1100A.

The primary connections and secondaries vector shift are designed to obtain an equivalent 24 pulses rectifier current wave form with a typical THDI of 7.5%.

Transformers are equipped with six thermal gages wired to temperature control units fitted in control bay of DC power supply (shown below on the controller picture).

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The main DC power supply cabinet, which is made of 6 sub-cabinets, contains four double DC/DC conversion units, arc stabilization inductors, measurements devices, the control system and the auxiliaries distribution board.

Input: 4x (3x 525V 1100A 50Hz) main power and 3x 400V 63A 50Hz TN-C aux. power.

Output: 0 to 1700Adc / 2500V up to 3MW of output power.

Embedded in the DC power supply cabinet, a digital controller ensures the management of all interlocks, commands, starting sequence and regulations.

This unit also ensures all communications with the remote process control of the plant. The controller is remotely accessible to enable remote preventive and corrective maintenance.

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The purpose of the heat exchanger cabinet is the cooling of the semiconductors and of the damping resistors of DC power supply by means of high resistivity deionized water who’s heat is exchanged with the primary cooling circuit of the plant. This unit contain a thermal exchanger, a water pump, a deionizing resin bottle, a water tank and control / regulation devices.

The starter / earth switch IP54 cabinet hosts an earth switch safety unit intended to short all connections of plasma generator to earth and disconnect it from power source prior to permit access to this generator. A lighting is provided to operate a visual control of the earth switch position.

The starter unit is also fitted in the same cabinet. This unit is used to trigger the arc into the plasma generator. This unit comprise a step-up transformer followed by a rectifier bridge charging a storage line to 17 kVdc.

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The contactor cabinet fits the contactor and the main resistor that are used in the arc initiation sequence.

When the arc has been initiated, the main contactor is opened to terminate the start-up process.

The main resistor is adjustable by 1 Ohm steps from 2 to 6 Ohms.

Operation and Maintenance:

The equipment can be operated between 5°C and 40°C with a primary cooling water at 30°C maximum (200 m3/h) in a non-condensing 5-85% relative humidity. The IN/OUT airflow through the hosting room should be 15.000 m3/h.

A special care must be taken against dust, and especially metallic dust, that can initiate electric arc and high damages to high voltage parts. So in some industrial environment, it might be worth to install the DC power system inside a controlled atmosphere room.

Excepted the 6-monthly routine visual checks of the main components and the monitoring of the dust on the high voltage and electronic parts, the system does not require specific physical maintenance.

The availability of the system nears 99%. In option, a few parameters (like ambient and inlet temperatures), can be recorded and monitored remotely with alarms to enhance this availability.

As all our products, the PLASMA TORCH Power Supply System can be fully customized and adapted to every client requirement.

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