High Power Bay

INPUT 3 x 400 VOUTPUT 0-300 A, 0-400 V, max power 25 kW continuous / 80 kW peak, max reverse power 3,2 kW continuous / 80 kW peak – stability 0,05%, many options available.

The High Power Bay complies with highly demanding requirements to cope with various usage modes:

  • Accuracy of the settings and of the measurements,

  • Extended test case scenarii for development,

  • Local and remote emergency stop,

  • Variable internal resistance,

  • Sources high power peaks,

  • Sinks high power peaks,

  • Robust design to withstand transport and launch vibrations

  • Fully local or remote controllable:

    • with local or remote user friendly Human Machine Interface

    • with Modbus standard protocol

    • with TCP-IP specific protocol (option)

    • with digital remote control and monitoring (option)

    • with analog remote control and monitoring (option)

  • Wheel mounting (option)

  • Lug lifted (option)

The HPB is composed of :

  • a Human Machine Interface panel at the top left corner,
  • an INPUT/OUTPUT panel at the bottom left corner, 
  • an openable door at the right side.

All other panels are removable to access the internal components if needed.

Human Machine Interface panel

The upper panel shows at eyes level the statuses of the state machine with the LEDs from left to right, as well as the supplied voltage and current, in a clear and synthetic way for a local operator. The faults and emergencies are also indicated on this panel by use of yellow and red LEDs.

On the mid panel, all statuses, faults and measures are readable on the touch screen of the controller:

Controller screen


Besides, all commands are operated via the controller touch screen except the emergency power off which is triggered by the red push button located on the lower panel.

The lower panel is also equipped with a main AC breaker and a warning LED for voltage presence on storage capacitors.

In option, various and versatile control modes can be foreseen, either local or remote, with specific TCP-IP or standard Modbus, PROFIBUS or PROFINET protocol, or with digital or analog commands.

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The INPUT/OUTPUT bottom panel is fitted with :

  • the AC INPUT socket. Here is depicted a standard 3 poles + PE AC socket but other input can be foreseen,
  • the DC OUTPUT plug. Here is shown a round red cover which is a specific socket as per military standard.
  • a grounding screw,
  • Option : a RJ45 ETHERNET socket for remote control/monitoring. Here is depicted a specific HARTING socket.
  • Option: other control or monitoring possibilities. Here is depicted a specific HARTING connector for remote redundant emergency loop to stop the HPB upon external order of another device, or even possibly of another HPB that can be mounted in chain.


Behind the left door is the power electronics protected by a Plexiglas and some auxiliary breakers, relays, fuse and power supplies, all easily accessible from the outside with the key by the authorized personnel.

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