MODULAR Power Supply System

INPUT 3 x 400 V – versatile OUTPUT up to 800A-400V-200kW – standard current stability 1000 ppm, 10 ppm in option

Our MODULAR system for magnet power supplies is composed of Power Modules and Controller(s) that fit in standard 19’’rack(s).

This product is namely used for proton therapy.

Each Power Module fits up to 4 fully isolated Unit DC Converters with required EMC filter, a 3-phases rectifier, an active preregulator, ZVS phase shift H-bridge topology and 50kHz Mosfet technology.

Feb by 3 x 400 VAC, each DC converter can supply up to 95V - 80A - 2,5kW if air cooled and 5kW if water cooled.

The power bus bar on the back side of each rack offers various serial/parallel combinations into various controlled DC Outputs up to 800A-400V-200kW and more depending on the final requirements of the system.

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Each Controller can operate up to 32 of those combined DC Outputs with a 7’’ touchscreen, local and remote full digital control, Modbus/TCP-Profibus-http web server (Profinet coming soon) that allows remote control and maintenance.

Both Power Modules and Controllers are plug & play into the 19" rack, which can accommodate up to 7 modules and/or controller(s).

Plug and play operation provides maximum system availability (MTTR < 15 minutes).

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