INPUT 2 x 230 V – OUTPUT 12V, 24V, 48V, 110V, 150V,  2-60 A, up to 10 kW.

This single phase battery chargers family has the main function of safeguarding a continuous supply of DC power of required characteristics by charging one or several back-up battery(ies) while distributing DC power to the users and instantly and automatically switching to the batteries upon failure of the INPUT AC power. When the INPUT AC power is back, the users automatically gets back the DC power from the grid and the battery energy is restored.

Depending on the capacity of the battery packs and on the needed power, it offers a wide range of safety time.

In standard, the minimalist human-machine interface respond to the need of a simple and functional interface for the operators. All the rest is automated or settable inside the cabinet.

Those machines are particularly robust for heavy duty, reliable and long term use.

Standard interfaces are :

  • AC power IN with standard protections
  • DC power OUT terminals with standard protections:
    • to the users
    • to the battery pack(s)


  • redundant chargers
  • redundant battery pack
  • remote control and monitoring with dedicated terminal
  • remote security chain
  • local and remote alarm(s) – high voltage, low voltage, very low voltage (battery end of life)
  • timer on the charging time
  • others upon request

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