SMART Power Supply

INPUT 3 x 400 V

OUTPUT: versatile combination of 18 OUTPUT up to 400A or 400V-10/15/20kW – standard current stability 100 ppm, 10 ppm in option.

This module combines the best of the MODULAR power module and of our controller:

  • high stability,
  • low noise,
  • extremely versatile outputs for the most demanding applications, including beam line magnets in particle accelerators.

The front interface features a comfortable 2.8" touchscreen and coding wheel as well as 3 powerful fans.

The rear interface fits a highly versatile combination of 18 different power OUTPUT, to make up to 400V or 400 A.

The SMART module can fully fit into a standard 19” rack and can be combined into different operational or test set-up.

The 10 and 15 kW versions are air cooled while the 20 kW version requires an additional deionized liquid coolant.

The unit features local and multiple variants of remote control – all with PoE back-up power.


  • Remote precision current sensing: 10 ppm stability with 2 external high precision current sensors (DCCT),

  • Remote precision voltage sensing for each OUTPUT independently.

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