Document Management

Automated Workflow

Our Document Management System, Genius Projects, features an automated workflow that streamlines the edition, approval, release and diffusion of documents, as well as managing the entire lifecycle of the documents, from their first edition as PREliminary maturity to the OBSolescence of each document (ref Obsolescence Management).

The 5 maturity stages of the documents are PREliminary, CerTifieD, Certified For Construction, AS Built, OBSolete.

Document Control list

The automated Document Control List provides a real time view and the actual status, revision, maturity of all the documents of each project and each product until their archiving. The Document Control List provides a unique and efficient overseeeing of a project's documentation and of JEMA SA's knowledge.

The Document Control List allows an efficient follow-up by the Project/Product Managers, which ensures timely delivery of the technical documentation, which is much appreciated by JEMA SA's clients and stakeholders.

Full Traceability

Revision management also insures the full traceability of each document as well as the record of the history of the diffusion/transmission of the documents, plus receipt of clients and suppliers' comments/approvals for each document.

Engineering and Documentation workflow

Moreover, the Project Management software, the MRP and the engineering tools are integrated together as summarized in the flow schematics below. This streamlining of our design processes ensures the monitoring and traceability of the design and timely delivery of the projects/products' deliverables within each phase of the project/product development.

The design of electronic, electrical and mechanical parts primarily relies on the huge, specialized and maintained proprietary database of the software used for designing.

An important source of information is the JEMA SA components database, already included in the MRP.

Unique part number

The ‘Part number generation tool’ is a shared software that generates a unique part number. The articles and the BOM are created in SYNCHRO (MRP) in compliance with the parts created in both design software programmes. Both SolidWorks and Altium Designer generates a lot of essential files whose revisions and life cycles need to be managed in Genius.

Automated notifications for suppliers

Finally, authorized external readers can view authorised documents at JEMA's invitation in a secure manner. In Genius, it is possible to view a specific document with a unique hyperlink that always contains the latest revision of the document.

Also, authorized external readers automatically receive a notification when a document is in revision and when a document is released after the due approvals.