Project management

At JEMA SA, we use a mix of phased and PDCA Project Management methods to manage the scope of the ‘Golden Triangle’ of schedule, budget and quality with well-defined intermediate and final deliverables, in accordance with the requirements of our clients.

The maturity, revision, transmittal date, receipt dates, etc are managed with the Document Control List. This Document Control List is available in real time in our Document Management System. Moreover, each document gets a unique number within the system, which ensures full traceability and follow-up of the project and contractual documentation.

For our innovation projects, where the scope and requirements are more versatile, we use an iterative project management method, with a reevaluation of the cone of uncertainties at regular key stages of the projects. This way of operating ensures that the various viewpoints convergence and that there is a match with the needs of the market.

This integrated Project Management collaboration platform also features a Gantt chart edition tool linked with a time sheet edition tool, which enables a thorough time and resources scheduling, with identified phases and deliverables.

All time and resources scheduling, budgets, time sheets, costs incurred, revised forecast reporting and deliverables/document management are integrated in this single management tool.