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12 August 2022

Contributing to LIPAc design


LIPAc is a prototype, presently under commissioning in Rokkasho (Japan), for the frontend section of one the International Fusion Materials Irradiation Facility (IFMIF) accelerator. Among the long list of equipment required to build this project, power supply systems for the combined quadrupole and corrector magnets were needed… And Jema was selected to provide them!

3 cabinets for power supply

Jema has been active in the Big Science, and especially in particle accelerators, since many years and has therefore developed specific skills and know-how in this field. In this project, Jema has developed and manufactured 3 cabinets integrating the necessary equipment to deliver highly precise power.

Power supplies cabinets for LIPAc

Contribution to a scientific article

On top of providing the power supplies, one of our engineers, Julien Mosca, has contributed to the writing of a scientific article. The topic covered is “Design and manufacturing of the combined quadrupole and corrector magnets for the LIPAc accelerator high energy beam transport line”. In this paper, all the stages of production of the combined magnets are described.

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