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19 March 2021

JEMA expands its activities in particle accelerators

Company Life

We are excited to announce that we have acquired the activities of Sigmaphi Electronics (France). Today, JEMA and Sigmaphi Electronics are important power supplies provider for particle accelerators, their subsystems and beamline magnets.

Jema France Team

Why this acquisition?

JEMA and Sigmaphi Electronics offer different but complementary solutions from a technological and commercial point of view. However, their mission is the same: to provide high performance, high stability and high precision custom DC power supplies.

The Belgian-French marriage to conquer the world

Sigmaphi Electronics’ strong presence in the French and American markets will complement JEMA’s presence in the Asian and European markets. “JEMA Belgium will benefit from Sigmaphi Electronics’ strong implementation in the U.S. and in Germany. On our side, the collaboration with JEMA Belgium and more broadly the integration in the CE+T Group will allow us to benefit from a successful experience in terms of market diversification” explains Cédric Schann who will manage JEMA France. In addition, it will allow us to offer a wider range of solutions with cutting-edge technology to many customers around the world.

Know-how to increase opportunities

The French team will complement the know-how of the team in Louvain-la-Neuve. Indeed, both companies have specific skills in terms of system design and integration in electrical cabinets. This combination of experience will enable us to anticipate developments and meet the increasingly demanding requirements of our customers. This complementarity is also true in the field of Radio Frequency (RF). JEMA provides high voltage power supplies for RF amplifiers while Sigmaphi Electronics provides transistor RF amplifiers.

What does the future hold?

Despite the pandemic situation that has been affecting the world for the past year, JEMA’s order backlog in 2020 has reached a new record of 6 million euros. ”We are confident that the combined strengths of JEMA and Sigmaphi Electronics will allow us to reach a combined turnover of 10 million euros in 2022″, says Nicolas Bronchart, CEO of JEMA.

The activities of Sigmaphi Electronics will be housed in a new company, JEMA France, which will employ 25 people and be based in Haguenau (Alsace). The two companies will work together to develop technical and commercial synergies. However, each company will be autonomous and viable on its own. As in the rest of the CE+T Group companies of which JEMA is a member, the management of the French company will hold a part of the shares, with the objective of strengthening the involvement of the team.

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