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04 June 2021

Meet Cédric Schann, the new CEO of JEMA France

Company Life

Cédric Schann has a degree in Electrical Engineering with a specialization and years of experience in radio-frequency. Today, he is taking on a new challenge as the new CEO of Jema France. Who is he? Let’s discover it!

What do you like about JEMA?

From the very first meeting with Nicolas, I immediately get along with him and I felt ready to be part of the project. What I like about Jema is the human size of the company as well as the niche market in which we are. There is a lot to do and I like the fact that we will always have something new to bring to this business.

Cédric Schann

What I like about my job is…

… What we do, but even more for whom we do it. Because we work on long-term projects (12 to 24 months) which also need strong after-sales relationship, we have contact with some customers since more than 10 to 15 years. So we develop a real relationship with them and I really appreciate this human contact in our job. As an engineer, I also appreciate the highly technological context of our market.

Your challenges for 2021 and after are…

First, to conclude the transition between Sigmaphi Electronics and Jema France. During the coming months, we will develop our sales force within Jema France but also with Jema Belgium. Another challenge will be to focus more on development. Four of our senior engineers will be exclusively dedicated to R&D and will work on projects for the future.

What are your hobbies?

I like working with my hands, which maybe explains why radio-frequency attracts me so much. Therefore, I like to spend time do some work in my house but also with my family. I used to play football a lot. Even if it’s not anymore the case, I still appreciate a good football match.

Which music are your listening to?

It really depends on my mood. Queen is a group that I appreciate for a long time now. However, I can listen to French singers like Jean-Jacques Goldman but also to international pop music, rock music or even hard rock when I need a boost.

The movie you appreciate the most is…

… “Le diner de cons”, a French comedy when I want to laugh. I also like films based on real events, especially the one about the WWII, such as The Longest Day.

What is your favorite quote?

Experience is built on the mistake we make. I’m convinced not everything is perfect, everyone makes mistakes. But the most important is to learn from them!

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