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26 October 2022

Our Power Supplies used in SABCA and UCLouvain technology partnership


SABCA, a Belgian aerospace manufacturer, has created a technology subsidiary, few steps aways from Jema, to develop with University of Louvain (Belgium) new electromechanical actuation systems for space launchers, but also in civil aeronautics.

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From hydraulics to electromechanics

For many years, SABCA has been supplying actuating systems (or actuators) that allow to direct a rocket by changing the direction of the gas exhaust. They have a critical role from launch to orbit, as they control the flight of a rocket with precision. Formerly hydraulic, these systems are increasingly being replaced by a new generation of electromechanical equipment, more competitive in terms of price, weight and maintenance.

A real Belgian collaboration

This partnership first connects students with a leader in the aerospace industry. But it goes further because other industry players will also be involved, including Jema. In recent years, Jema has collaborated on numerous projects with both SABCA and UCLouvain. We are therefore very excited about this new partnership which promises an innovative future for the aerospace world.

Curious about our collaboration with SABCA?

Read this use case

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