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Radio frequency amplifiers for Spiral2

Radio Frenquency Amplifiers for Spiral2
Ganil Big Science Particle Accelerators RF Power Amplifiers for the Cryomodules Type A and B

Customer requirements

GANIL (Grand accélérateur national d’ions lourds) is a research center in nuclear physics based in Caen, France. For the superconducting linear accelerator, Spiral2, the GANIL was looking for a modular solution with full interchangeability of RF modules, exciters and power supplies over the complete installation.


JEMA delivered all the RF Power Amplifiers for the Cryomodules Type A and B. We have designed 32 independent 88MHz Solid State Power Amplifiers from 2.5kW to 20kW CW based a LDMOS transistor. All the channels are arranged in 18 cabinets for a total power of more than 300kW.

Deployment of the solution

First step of the project was the delivery of a pre-serie of 3 cabinets in 2011 for a complete qualification on site. In 2014, the serie of 15 cabinets has been delivered and installed on site in early 2015. Since 2018, the amplifiers are in operation on Spiral2.
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