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Customized power supplies for train converters tests

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Major Western European actor in transport solutions Transport Testing of converters for trains Customized power supplies

Context & background

Our customer, a major actor in the transport industry, designs trains requiring numerous energy converters installed on trains. For several years, we have been working together to develop special power supplies to provide the energy for testing these converters.

The role of Jema’s power supplies is to recreate the energy of an artificial catenary. The tricky part is that the characteristics of the catenaries depend on the train’s supply voltage.

A single product for multiple scenarios

Thanks to the years of collaboration and experience, a new technical definition of the power supplies has been elaborated jointly with our customer and Jema. Indeed, this definition brings together all the particularities of each specification proposed by the client.

This in-depth upstream work leads to a single product that can be used for all of our customer’s projects with the resulting advantages:

  • For the client : economic advantage due to the restricted number of solutions, an easier training and maintenance, an increased safety and an ease of use,…
  • For Jema: reduction in design time due to the restricted number of solutions, single small series production and testing, cost reduction by bigger series, …

The dialogue and the continuous collaboration allowing the synthesis of the different specifications into a single one was key to obtaining a win-win solution between the two companies, while keeping a power supply allowing to perform all the requested functionalities. Jema therefore provided its expertise to find the best technical-commercial-quality-price ratio for the customer.

The result

The power supply transforms the energy of the 3 x 400V network into independent outputs 750 Vdc, 1500 Vdc, 110 Vdc, 3 x 400 Vac, as well as several specific auxiliary outputs dedicated to other specific functionalities. The whole being controllable by a customer automaton.

This type of power supply does not exist on the market and therefore requires development to achieve an optimal technical and economical solution, which has been Jema’s DNA for decades. It is also in line with Jema’s culture to accompany its customers to collaborate over the long term to develop the best solutions expected based on the experience gained from this collaboration.

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