JEMA News May 2019

Some new projects are being completed in May!

You can consult us if you have questions regarding the applications or if you have an application looking for some particular power supply.

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MiRIS - Micro Réseau Intégré Seraing - 400kW AC-DC Power Supply.

Container with JEMA Power Supply

Earlier in May, JEMA completed the installation of the 400KW AC/DC power conversion system for the Zn-Fe redox Flow Battery system. The JEMA AC/DC power converter handles the partial conversion of the 6500 photo voltaic panels installed over the entire site of John Cockerill - previously CMI. The converter uses IGBT technology in a 2 quadrant topology to provide ±2400A with adjustable 0 to 300V, resulting in a -400 to +400kW power output. The Complete setup is fitted into a 20 Ft. container in an IP54 outdoor setup.


JEMA powering IBA’s TT1000.

Inside the JEMA Electrical Cabinets

Power supplies for IBA’s Rhodotron® are being completed. These high performance power supplies will provide the electrical power to IBA’s TT1000 particle accelerators. We are delivering the first two of a total of three TT300. One power supply delivers 14-17kV at 27A offering long term stability and accuracy of the voltage and current output. One T1000 will use three TT300, and deliver a total output of 14-17kV at 80A .

Rhodotron® is registered trademark of IBA