JEMA SA visits Watersofnet for its 10th Anniversary

JEMA SA has many decades of experience in bringing durable power supply solutions to their customers. As a company we are willing to contribute actively to greener and more sustainable applications.

For its 10th anniversary, Waterstof gathered more than 350 participants, including JEMA SA, who see the importance of the energy transition. Waterstof means Hydrogen in Dutch. This company is a major contributor in the Energy transition as its mission is to increase interest in hydrogen technology from companies and governments. It aims to answer the increasing demand for zero-emission transportation, green electricity and energy storage.  

How can JEMA help?

JEMA SA expertise in power supplies will make JEMA SA an ideal partner in providing power converters ranging from a few kW to multiple MW. We build AC/DC and DC/DC power converter for your electrolyzer application.

If you have solar panels (or any other DC loads):

Schema H2 - PV + Electrolyzer


If you have windmills (or any other AC loads):

Schema H2 - Windmill + Electrolyzer

JEMA SA provides a solution that is :

  • Performant
  • Efficient 
  • Flexible
  • Durable

Are looking for sustainable, reliable and customized solutions? Simply contact us, we will be glad to help!